The Best Surprise Entertainment in the UK

There is certainly no lack of surprise entertainers in the United Kingdom but not all of them are good. One reason for this is probably that there is really no such thing as a certification for surprise entertainers. And with the sheer amount of surprise entertainment acts in the UK comes also the little problem find those few that are outstanding so that you don’t end up wasting your money on some “less than stellar” wedding DJs or bands.

One of the most known and very popular surprise entertainment acts in the UK and beyond are certainly the Singing Waiters London. Unlike many of the others in this industry, the guys from the Singing Waiters London courtesy of the or all professionally trained. And take my word for it, this shows when you can see them!

I had the fortune to see the Singing Waiters at Linda’s reception last year. Let me just tell you that the hype about them is pretty justified. They did a really great job trying to get anyone involved with their show so we all had a big blast especially since most of the guests were already quite drunk when the Singing Waiters appeared.

I have to say that these two hours with the Singing Waiters at the reception were probably the most fun we had all day. So check ’em out, these guys are awesome!

The Big Emmy Awards Winners This Year

This year, two shows hit it big at the Emmy awards show.

One went to Kyle Dixon and Michael Stine for their school for “Stranger Things” who received the award for outstanding original main title theme music.

The first ever music supervision awards at the Emmys went to  “Big Little Lies” who won the ward with their episode “You Get What You Need”.

Susan Jacobs who curated soundtrack had already had previous soundtrack experience when you work on the shows American Hustle and Silver Linings Playbook.

Small Businesses in the UK at Risk


According to a recent article at The Guardian, a big number of the U.K.’s small businesses are under threat. It is estimated that about 370,000 owners of small businesses in the UK might be shutting down within the next five years. The main reason given for this grim outlook is  the burden of red tape within a jungle of bureaucracy.

Britain’s potential exit from the European Union is another potential threat for businesses, along with the overall global economic slump and the increasing burden of regulation.

Those are all factors that are threatening to drive small firms out of business, according to the recent annual business closure report published by Bizdaq.

According to those latest numbers it could have a big impact on the nation’s economy showed these small businesses cease trading. Today, the average small business in the United Kingdom employers five people. This means that more than 1.8 million jobs in the UK might be jeopardised.

One other study conducted by insurance provider Zurich comes to a similar conclusion. According to the study, business risk in the UK is now at its highest level.

When asked, 50% of their 1000 small business owners in the nation’s that that they are concerned about the current economic climate. Two in five stated that they feel that their business is at more risk they as compared to the previous year. 10% of this await said that they are considering to close shop.