What Is The BABCP?

babcp-logoThe BABCP is the British Association of Behavioural Cognitive Psychotherapists, the overseeing organisation for the theory, practice and development of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

For anyone who wants to undergo cognitive behavioural therapy in the UK, it is important to know about this organisation is only a BABCP-accredited therapist can ensure the best possible treatment for your problems.

Every single BABCP accredited therapist in the United Kingdom must meet the strict criteria in regards qualifications and clinical experience.

cbt-sessionIn the United Kingdom, if you want to get a CBT therapist, it is not always a given that he or she is accredited with the required qualifications.

In United Kingdom, counselling and psychotherapy are unregulated professions which means that pretty much anyone can advertise themselves as a CBT therapist without a single day of training or any type of supervision.

Especially if you are getting a therapist assigned by the NHS, chances are you may be getting a therapist is lacking professional training and expertise.

You can however get an BABCP-accredited therapist if you choose a private therapist. There are resources online where you can select a private CBT therapist by checking their credentials beforehand. Not only will you be getting a BABCP-accredit therapist, most of the time you will also be able to schedule your therapy sessions with them, which you often can’t do with a therapist from the NHS. This can be very helpful if you want to schedule your sessions so that they won’t interfere with your work hours. With a number of private CBT therapist to choose from, you will also likely find one that is close to your home.