The Best Surprise Entertainment in the UK

There is certainly no lack of surprise entertainers in the United Kingdom but not all of them are good. One reason for this is probably that there is really no such thing as a certification for surprise entertainers. And with the sheer amount of surprise entertainment acts in the UK comes also the little problem find those few that are outstanding so that you don’t end up wasting your money on some “less than stellar” wedding DJs or bands.

One of the most known and very popular surprise entertainment acts in the UK and beyond are certainly the Singing Waiters London. Unlike many of the others in this industry, the guys from the Singing Waiters London courtesy of the or all professionally trained. And take my word for it, this shows when you can see them!

I had the fortune to see the Singing Waiters at Linda’s reception last year. Let me just tell you that the hype about them is pretty justified. They did a really great job trying to get anyone involved with their show so we all had a big blast especially since most of the guests were already quite drunk when the Singing Waiters appeared.

I have to say that these two hours with the Singing Waiters at the reception were probably the most fun we had all day. So check ’em out, these guys are awesome!